Pubg Mobile Version 2.4.0 Patch Note & Pubg V 2.4 Release Date

Pubg Mobile Version 2.4.0 Patch Note:- Do you also want to know what are the features coming in version 2.4 of Pubg Mobile and what are the changes going to happen along with it? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to give all the information related to Pubg Mobile version 2.4.

So, players the beta version of PUBG Mobile version 2.4 has been released. A patch note has also been released through the same. I am going to tell that all upcoming features and changes in this article. Along with that, I am going to tell you on which day you all will get to see the update of pubg mobile version 2.4 in the global version.

What is the release date of Pubg Mobile Version 2.4.0 Update?

According to the sources, the update of PUBG Mobile version 2.4.0 is going to be released on 6th January 2023. If there is any change in the date, I will inform you all on my telegram. If you haven’t joined Telegram yet, do join it. There the notifications of the latest posts are also available.

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Pubg Mobile Version 2.4.0 Patch Note

So players, the mentions below features and changes can also be changed because it has been extracted from the early Beta of Version 2.3.0.

New Gameplay and Items

  • Back For Honor: After getting eliminated and recalled by a teammate, players can issue a revenge mission. If the original eliminator accepts, they become a target and their approximate location gets revealed to the revenge seeker. Revenge seekers can get rewards by eliminating their target within the time limit to complete the mission. Otherwise, the targeted player obtains the rewards.
  • Dancing Lion: Lion dance themed two-person vehicle. Fast and agile with the ability to jump and dash. It can be stored in the Backpack and used without limit.
  • Grappling Hook: Fire a grappling hook at a target to pull yourself towards it.
  • Martial Arts Arena: Many Martial Arts Arenas will appear in the game, half of which will be open to players at all times. However, the rest will remain locked. Only at the end of the countdown will they be made available. Dancing Lion can only be obtained from the Crates found in the middle of the Martial Arts Arena.
  • New item – Explosive Bow: Suitable for sneak attacks. Draw the bow to charge up and release to deal explosive damage in a small area. Can be obtained from places such as a Martial Arts Arena.
  • Other item and gameplay improvements

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Metro Royale Release Date & Changes in Pubg Mobile

  • Metro Royale will be released with pubg mobile version 2.4.0 Update.
  • Added new map that is divided into Basic Mode and Advanced Mode. This map will provide even more supplies to players.
  • Added new Ziplines and Stairs to help players move about quickly.
  • Added new NPC enemies and bosses to provide a new PVE experience.
  • Added 4 new sellable items (Biological Sample, Processor (GPU), Gold Piles, Lens). They will only be spawned on the new map. 5. Increased advanced armor’s resistance to explosive damage.
  • Increased Basic Inventory Capacity increased to 30.
  • Added Fabled equipment with 1-2 special traits.

Erangel Updates

  • Hang Gliders will spawn in some high altitude areas on the map. Glide from high areas and make use of updrafts to reach further destinations.
  • Added an elevator to the Galata Tower. Use it to move around quickly.

Note:- Content in the beta test is subject to change before the final release.

So Players, This is all about Pubg Mobile Version 2.4.0 Patch Note & Release Date If you like this post then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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