Pubg Mobile C5S14 Tier Rewards & Release Date

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Pubg Mobile C5S14 Tier Rewards:- To you brother, have you also acquired your favorite tier in the C5S13 and want to know what tier rewards is coming next ( C5S14) season? So you have come to the very right article. In this article, I am going to show you all the Tier Rewards of C5S14. Along with that, I will share all its details with you. Read this article carefully and know everything.

Short Details of C5S14 Tier Rewards

TierIt’s Rewards
Bronze Supply Crate + 300 Token
Platinum Parachute Skin
Daimond QBU Gun Skin
Crown3 Rating Protection Card
Ace Master Headgear
Ace Dominator C5S14 Avtar
Conqueror C5S14 Conqueror Frame

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Full Details Of C5S14 Tier Rewards

Players, in this article, I am going to show you all the rewards of Main Tier Rank only. As you all would know that there are 5 sub-tier inside 1 tier. So on maximum sub-tier you all get season token only, but on main tier you all get different rewards which are unique. I am going to show you all that rewards and tell about it.

C5S14 Glod Tier Reward

C5S14 Gold Tier Rewards

In This Season you all are going to get Black, Red & orange color outfit with a similar concept to taddy outfit on Gold Tier. Only some color has been changed to orange & Black color. What do you want to say about it, you tell in the comment section.

C5S14 Platinum Tier Reward

C5S14 platinum Tier Rewards

After a long time, the Platinum tier rewards has been changed. Last season you all used to get to see square parachute skin, but this season you all will get to see skin of glasses.

C5S14 Daimond Tier Gun Skin

C5S14 diamond Tier Rewards

Players who achieve the Diamond Tier in C5S14 will able to collect good looking MG3 Gun skin. We think the color of the designs made on it has been inspired by the Green World theme. What you think tell in comment section?

Ace Tier Reward

C5S14 Ace Tier Rewards

All of you are going to get to collect a normal Black color mask on Ace tire.

Ace Master Tier Rewards

C5S14 Ace Master Tier Rewards

You all are going to get a good looking hair that complete Gold tire outfit on Ace master.

Ace Dominator Tier Rewards

C5S14 Ace Dominater Tier Rewards

Now talk about C5S14 Ace Dominator Tier, then I will tell you all. Like every time, this time too all of you are going to get an avatar on ace Dominator, in which only the name of the previous season has been replaced by the name of this season. Everything else is same.

C5S14 Conqueror Tier Rewards

C5S14 conquer Tier Rewards

All the pubg mobile players have a dream to reach that Conqueror Tier and like every time nothing is tampered with Conqueror Tier rewards to keep it unique. Like every season players get same frame Only season name is replaced.

So players this is all about Pubg mobile C5S14 Tier Rewards if you like like this post and this post give you information then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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