How To Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.6 Apk Download Link

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Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.6 Apk:- After the success of PUBG Mobile version 2.5, Now PUBG Mobile version 2.6.0 beta test has started. If you also want to participate in this test and want to download and play the beta version 2.6, Then in this article I am going to guide you step by step on how you can download the PUBG Mobile beta version 2.6 Apk. We are also going to discuss the features that are going to come in the upcoming updates.

What Is Pubg Mobile Beta?

Pubg Mobile rolls out beta version to test it before rolling out the update of its main global version and beta version is given to a select few people who give their review. Tell the developer about the bug & Glitches, Then the developers fix it and roll it out in the main update.

Information OF Pubg Mobile Beta Apk

Pubg mobile apk org
Last Update Date20 April 2023
Size753.49 Mb
Supported DiviceAndroid 5+

How To Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.6 Apk?

Follow all the steps given below to download the APK of PUBG Mobile Beta version 2.6.

  1. First of all, download the Pubg Beta 2.6 APK by clicking on the button given below.
  1. Once the APK is successfully downloaded, click on Install.
  2. While installing the APK, if you find face any error, then you should keep a few things in mind.
    • There must be enough space on your device. You should have at least 10 GB free storage on your device.
    • You guys use fast network while downloading apk.
  3. If you do not face any errors and your APK is installed successfully, then you open it and download the resources.
  4. After downloading the resources, when you go to login, the game will ask you for the invitation code.
  5. All the steps of how to you get the invitation code of pubg beta version 2.6 are given below, so you can follow it and get the invitation code.

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How To Get Pubg Beta Invitation Code?

After installing the Global Version of PUBG then you need to follow the below step to get official access to all upcoming EVENTS & Updates. Note below mentioned steps will be applicable for all BGMI Update, Pubg Mobile Beta 2.6 Update, 2.7 Update or so on.

These options are mostly YouTubers use to get early access to all upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Updates. So follow below some easy steps:

  • Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile Global Version and Go to Event Section.
  • Step 2: Now under the “RECOMMENDED” section you will get Beta Test Invitation option on right side.
  • Simply click on the ” GET IT” button and you will be redirected to the new browser where you can get Generate CODE button. This code helps you to activate your BGMI Beta Version Game to play Game.
  • Now open BGMI 2.6 Update Beta Version APK File that you can get from anywhere just search on Google. After opening PUBG Global Beta Version the POP-UP window appears on your screen like mentioned below
  • Enter Generate Invitation code from Global PUBG Game then, click on OK Button. Enjoy BGMI Latest Updates and explore all Features.

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Some New Features Of Pubg Beta Version 2.6.0

Dinosaur-Themed Gameplay

  • New dinosaur-themed area – Dino Settlement: There are 3 Dino Settlements in Erangel that are full of supplies. Some time after the match starts, a large T. Rex that can be ridden with teammates will spawn randomly in a settlement’s Fossil Keep. Destroy the keep’s gate to free the T. Rex!
  • New region – Primal Zone: There are many smaller themed areas scattered across the Primal Zone, where Pterosaurs and Velociraptors can be found. Once defeated, players can tame and ride them. The Primal Zone also includes mini-games, such as Pterosaur Flying, Velociraptor Vaulting, and Dino Hatchery.

Other Updates

  • New Full-Auto Mod attachment: Used with the M16A4 and Mk47. Equip it to get a full-auto firing mode.
  • New Companion Spectating System: Players can transform into their companions and move around to spectate as well as perform companion Emotes.
Note: Content in the beta test is subject to change before the final release.

So friends this is all about Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.6 Apk Download Process and all new features if you like this post then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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